We carry out rent reviews and lease renewals on behalf of landlords and tenants and can provide the following:

Rent Reviews

  • Detailed knowledge of rental values of the various types of commercial properties.
  • Comprehensive knowledge of Landlord & Tenant Legislation and relevant case law, which can be used to support our client’s case.
  • Where it is not possible to agree the rent review or lease renewal amicably between the parties, we are experienced in referring the matter to arbitration, an independent expert or court for settlement as necessary.

Lease Renewals

  • Advise landlords and tenants on the statutory procedure governing lease renewals and negotiate the terms of the new lease.
  • We co-ordinate the renewal process by liaising with legal representatives to safeguard the interests of our clients.
  • We put forward a strong case, with reference to available evidence of new lettings, rent reviews or lease renewals affecting similar premises within the vicinity of the subject premises.
  • Undertake strong negotiation with regards securing the best possible terms for the new lease for our client.
Rent Reviews & Lease renewals
Rent Reviews & Lease renewals
Rent Reviews & Lease renewals